March 18, 2015 by admin

DaVinci Homes has been building since 1994, for nearly two decades. During that time, we’ve become one of Calgary’s leading custom builders, particularly for families who desire a distinctive home. Years of designing and building custom homes that satisfy both our clients’ high expectations and the high standards we set for ourselves, have made us expert at creating truly elegant and distinctive homes. We believe this is reflected in each of our homes.

DaVinci Homes helps you enjoy the rewards of custom building. With artistic flourishes and elegant plans, we have become the builder of choice for families who desire something exceptional. As your custom builder, we offer you the opportunity to play an active role in the home design process, choosing from numerous designer touches and accents. We keep in close contact with you at every step in the construction process.

Quality is never sacrificed for style! We use the highest quality materials and employ leading tradespeople, so that every DaVinci Home is built to an unyielding standard of excellence. That quality is backed by superior support after we’ve built your home. WE DON’T MOVE ON WHEN YOU MOVE IN. Our warranties offer comprehensive protection and follow up, and we make it easy for you to contact us at any time.


Our mission is to build a home which reflects your uniqueness and not only becomes a family heirloom but proves to be a worthwhile investment.


Integrity, quality, value and creativity are the four pillars of our company and everything else is built upon them. We stand by our work and our words.